"Damocles, Part 2" is the thirteenth and final episode of the fifth season of The 100, and the seventy-first overall. It aired on August 7, 2018 to an audience of 0.99 million viewers.[1]

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In part two of the fifth season finale, Clarke and her friends must risk everything to fight one last battle for survival, only to glimpse an even darker threat to the last living valley on earth.[2]

The episode unravels in the rock valley with Wonkru grieving over the deaths of their people caused by the Eligius prisoners in the previous episode, as healers attend to the wounded. Monty notifies Miller about the dangers of their current situation, such as the scarcity of food and water, and encourages that Wonkru surrender to the Eligius, though many of them desire not to return to the gorge. Bellamy and the others return from the gorge in the rover. As Wonkru notices Madi, they put their faith in her to save their lives, much to Octavia's supposed displeasure. Wonkru begins to shield Madi from Octavia before Madi allows her to pass. Octavia then bows down to Madi, indicating her allegiance towards her much to the surprise of everybody else.

The following day, Bellamy, Indra, and Madi visit Gaia for an update on her injuries. Whilst the three discuss potential plans that are doomed to fail, Gaia tells Madi to ask the commanders in the Flame to help find one. Through visions created by the commanders, she ultimately creates a supposedly decent plan, before Gaia hands the commander's emblem to her.

On the Eligius ship, Shaw is being brutally tortured by McCreary, while Raven is forced to watch the pain. After getting information about Wonkru moving towards the outskirts of the valley, McCreary decides to speed up the torture process by attempting to tear of Shaw's leg with a large pair of metal jaws. This causes Raven to ultimately break, resulting in her saying she will fly the ship.

Also on the ship, Clarke enters Diyoza's cell, restrains her, then enters the flight deck to confront McCreary. Clarke threatens their unborn child's life with her gun.

Meanwhile, Bellamy, Murphy, Echo, and Emori head towards the valley before being stopped by McCreary's men, who begin to open fire on the team. After they manage to take out the rover's engine, Echo fires an arrow at one of the men's weapons of mass destruction. Murphy then gets hit with two bullets. When the men bring out the cannon, Bellamy lands a bullet into the cannon's barrel, causing an immense explosion that takes out all the gunmen.

With noticing the explosion in the distance, Madi signals Wonkru to charge and storm into the valley.

After McCreary gets advised of Wonkru's moves, he opens Diyoza's strategy journal and discovers a series of launch codes for a missile titled Damocles, which was supposed to be used for weaponizing the hythylodium to leverage Eligius's way to the ground in the first place, which will destroy the valley if launched. Becoming aware of the catastrophic damage this would cause, Clarke surrenders, but McCreary then says that if he can't own the valley, then nobody else can. He then enters the final launch code and unleashes the missile from the Eligius station in space.

There are fourteen minutes until the missile impacts the valley. Not knowing what to do, Shaw is told by McCreary to fly the ship away from Earth and stay in space until the Earth re-grows. Clarke silently creates a quick plan, that commences with ordering Shaw to fly the ship or else she will electrify Raven's collar. When he refuses to do so, Clarke electrocutes Raven, who quickly grabs onto McCreary's metal armor, causing him to fall onto the ground, seizing, while Shaw takes out the remaining men on the flight deck. Clarke stands above McCreary, says "You'll never know your daughter," then beats his face with her foot, resulting in his death.

Wonkru storms into the Eligius village, an forces the miners to drop their weapons immediately. Madi orders the clan to execute them all, before Bellamy convinces her to change her mind. Still reluctant, Madi says they deserve death after invading her and Clarke's home. Bellamy replies with, "We've been here before, Madi. We were the criminals. The 100. We landed in someone else's home, and we went to war. You can execute them because they're the enemy or you can break the cycle. You can be better than them. You can be better than us." Raven then interrupts on the speakers in the village, ordering Wonkru and the others to get to the transport ship for immediate evacuation.

Murphy begins to pass out in a forest with Monty and Emori by his side, who refuse to leave him behind. Instead of allowing all three of them to die, Monty tosses Murphy over his shoulders and proceeds to carry him to the dropship with Emori.

Clarke waits on the entrance of the dropship, with nobody in sight until Madi and her followers run towards the dropship, followed by the Eligius prisoners. Clarke refuses to allow them to enter, but Madi says that they must save their lives then let them prove they deserve it, an idea brought to her by Bellamy. Indra then asks Clarke where her mother is because of Gaia's injuries. Realizing her mother is not with the others, Clarke begins to run towards the village to find her mother before being stopped by Echo who says they left a group to go door-to-door who will eventually find and bring her.

Abby, who is frantically tending Marcus's wounds left by Vinson, is found by Octavia, who confronts her about her abandonment of Wonkru, before telling her they need to evacuate, but Abby refuses to leave Kane for dead. Octavia says she doesn't have a choice, but Abby still refuses. Octavia begins to angrily confront her about the similar events of "eat or die" that took place during the Dark Year, before she comes up with an idea to save all three of their lives.

There are three minutes to impact, but Madi then tells Bellamy that he has to forgive Clarke, after noticing their tension. In hopes of reestablishing their connection, Madi lets him know about how Clarke called him on a radio every day for six years. Before being able to reply, Octavia, Abby, and an unconscious Kane arrive at the ship. With the missile now visible in the sky, Raven tells Clarke and Bellamy they have to close the door, but Bellamy says he will not leave Murphy, Monty, and Emori behind like he did with Clarke six years ago. With less than a minute until impact, the trio arrive at the door, finally allowing Clarke to pull the lever, closing the door. Before it closes, she catches a glimpse of the missile's impact that consumes her home in the blast. Raven and Shaw quickly ascend in the air, narrowly escaping the mass explosion.

In space, Bellamy finds Clarke in one of the aisles, who delivers him good news about Murphy and Gaia's recoveries, though Kane was put into a drug-induced coma that won't last long. Bellamy believes that cryosleep would help keep Kane alive while they try to come up with an idea of saving him.

Diyoza notices Octavia sitting silently in one of the aisles, joins her, and says, "You know what your mistake was...liking it. Power. It's the kiss of death...I liked it, too." Octavia replies with, "One garden, two serpents. Eden never stood a chance."

Clarke and Spacekru later discuss the fate of the human race on the bridge. Shaw says that it will be at least ten years until the valley regrows, and that algae will only last a few weeks, meaning that cryosleep is the only option. The decision is up to Madi, who agrees with Shaw.

Clarke prepares Madi for her cryo pod, and tells her how proud she is of her, before enclosing her in the tube.

Meanwhile, Bellamy prepares Octavia for cryosleep. She mentions how their current situation parallels to closing the door in the bunker on the Ark. Octavia tells Bellamy she loves him, before Bellamy says a part of him will always love her while the other part wishes a part of her (Blodreina) was dead, before putting her to rest.

125 Years Later

For an unknown reason, Clarke and Bellamy awaken from their pods and begin questioning why they are the only people on the ship who are awake. A young man then speaks: "That's the way mom and dad wanted it." They ask who he is, and he introduces himself as Jordan, Monty and Harper's son, before telling them he has a message to play them. Confused, Clarke asks Jordan how long they were asleep, who replies with 125 years.

Jordan then plays Clarke and Bellamy the message left by his parents, the first one taking place about a year after everybody else went to sleep. Monty says that with using the ship's geologic equipment, he will have knowledge of when it will be safe to return to Earth. The next video takes place two years after the long nap began, showing that Harper is pregnant with their child. They chose the child's name to be Jordan, named after Jasper. The third video reveals Monty excitedly holding Jordan as a baby. The fourth video takes place on the ten-year anniversary of the nap, though Clarke and Bellamy are not yet woken up because there is still nothing grown yet on Earth. The fifth video shows Harper and Monty at old age with tearful eyes after putting Jordan into cryosleep after over twenty-eight years. Assuming that Clarke and Bellamy are watching the video in the future, Monty tells the two that Earth is not returning because it is in the same state as it was when they left. Before ending the video, Harper asks the two that they take care of Jordan. The final video takes place of February 8, 2206. Monty sadly informs Jordan of his mother's death after being stricken with a fatal genetic condition. After, he says they sometimes wished they joined the others in cryosleep, but if they were to do so, they wouldn't be able to crack the Eligius III mission file. Monty reveals that after thirty years, he finally cracked the file - it was not a mining mission, but instead a way of looking for another planet to tap for oil. Outside, Clarke and Bellamy notice the beautiful planet with two suns shining on the atmosphere. Monty set the coordinates two weeks before the video was taken, and says they should arrive there in seventy-five years. He said he was planning to put himself in cryosleep to see it, but couldn't do it without Harper along with him. Monty's final words are "May we meet again," before ending the final video. Clarke and Bellamy repeat the same words, hold each other around the arms, and look at their new home, hoping that things will be better there.

End Book One

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