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The second season of Kung Fu premiered on The CW on March 9, 2022, and concluded on June 15, 2022. It was announced on May 3, 2021.[1]

The season aired on Wednesday nights at 9:00 PM following The Flash.


"Following the explosive Season 1 finale, Season 2 picks up six months later with Nicky and the rest of the Shen family in a great place: Nicky’s been using her kung fu skills to keep Chinatown safe; she and Henry are only deeper in love with each other; the death of her shifu Pei-Ling has been avenged and her killer Zhilan is behind bars, and thanks to Jin and Mei-Li, the family’s restaurant Harmony Dumplings is thriving. With the Shen family now in the know about Nicky’s extracurricular crime-fighting, Nicky’s finally comfortable and at peace in San Francisco… that is, until the reemergence of sinister billionaire Russell Tan, and the surprise appearance of Nicky’s long-lost cousin, Mia.  With the help of Henry, Althea, Ryan, Evan and Dennis, Nicky will face off against the Tan family and become a shifu in her own right, as a new, action-packed myth unfolds in San Francisco’s Chinatown."[2]



Guest starring

  • Vanessa Yao as Mia Yang (11/13)
  • Kee Chan as Russell Tan† (10/13)
  • Annie Q. as Juliette Tan† (9/13)
  • JB Tadena as Sebastian (9/13)
  • Terry Chen as Daniel Yan† (6/13)
  • Ludi Lin as Kerwin Tan† and Russell Tan† (6/13)
  • Janet Kidder as District Attorney Kim Hughes (4/13)
  • Marissa Cuevas as Nadia (4/13)
  • Andrew Tinpo Lee as Frank (4/13)
  • Daniel Cudmore as Bez Gardner† (3/13)
  • Edi Patterson as Gwen (2/13)
  • Christina Ma as Mei-Xu† (2/13)
  • Richard Speight, Jr. as Leif Wenzig (1/13)
  • Briana Buckmaster as Tamra (1/13)
  • Jim Lau as John Lui (1/13)
  • K.C. Clyde as Chase Matheson (1/13)
  • Josh Dean as Fitz Ronson (1/13)
  • Patrick Sabongui as Nathan Price (1/13)
  • Amy Tsang as Pei-Ling and Zhilan Zhang's unnamed mother† (1/13)


No. in series No. in season Episode title Written by Directed by Original airdate
14 1 "Year of the Tiger, Part 1" Christina M. Kim & Robert Berens Joe Menendez March 9, 2022
15 2 "Year of the Tiger, Part 2" Ryan Johnson & Peter Lalayanis March 16, 2022
16 3 "The Bell" Brian Anthony Winnifred Jong March 23, 2022
17 4 "Clementine" Richard Lowe Richard Speight, Jr. March 30, 2022
18 5 "Reunion" A.C. Allen David Grossman April 6, 2022
19 6 "Jyu Sa" Matt Young Kristin Windell April 13, 2022
20 7 "The Alchemist" John Bring Richard Speight, Jr. April 27, 2022
21 8 "Disclosure" Story by: Linda Ge
Teleplay by: Ryan Johnson & Peter Lalayanis
Joe Menendez May 4, 2022
22 9 "The Enclave" Dan Hamamura R.T. Thorne May 11, 2022
23 10 "Destruction" Melissa Rundle Jeff Chan May 18, 2022
24 11 "Bloodline" Michael Deigh Kristin Windell May 25, 2022
25 12 "Alliance" Ryan Johnson & Peter Lalayanis Richard Speight, Jr. June 8, 2022
26 13 "The Source" Christina M. Kim & Robert Berens Joe Menendez June 15, 2022



On August 26, 2021, Yvonne Chapman was upped to series regular status.[3]


Filming began on September 20, 2021 and concluded on March 9, 2022.[4]


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