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The fourth and penultimate season of Dynasty premiered on The CW on May 7, 2021, and concluded on October 1, 2021. It was announced on January 7, 2020.[1]

The season aired on Friday nights at 9:00 PM following Charmed from May 7 to July 23, and then Burden of Truth from July 30 to September 17.

It arrived on DVD and Blu-ray on January 18, 2022.


DYNASTY is back, which means the knives are out and so is the Carrington family backstabbing. After somehow surviving her bachelorette party in the third season finale, Fallon (Elizabeth Gillies) just wants to get married to Liam (Adam Huber) and have a nice, calm life. Those aren't two words usually associated with Carringtons, and they won't be this season either as the happy couple faces their biggest challenges yet. Danger and temptation are as abundant as champagne and diamonds! Speaking of holy matrimony, Blake (Grant Show) and Cristal's (Daniella Alonso) relationship hit some blasphemous turbulence last season as they each strayed, and this season they'll work even harder to make a marriage last. Unfortunately, the universe has other plans - as do multiple enemies - which throws their fate up in the air. Meanwhile, after playing double agent with his parents, Adam (Sam Underwood) realizes he needs to do whatever it takes to make a name for himself outside of his massive family shadow. As he ruthlessly climbs the ladder of success, things with girlfriend Kirby (Maddison Brown) get messy. In secret, where betrayal runs deep in the Carrington world, an unlikely partnership between Alexis (Elaine Hendrix) and her sister-in-law turned mother-in-law Dominique (Michael Michele) is formed as they set out to take back what they feel is rightfully theirs, even it means deceiving their husband-slash-son Jeff. At the same time, Sammy Jo (Rafael de la Fuente) looks to expand his hotel and his heart, with help from Culhane (Rob Riley). Bonds will be forged and broken and friendships will be tested when they head down a darker path than expected. The road ahead is filled with betrayal, extravagance and deception for our favorite billionaire family, and that's on the good days. After all, as we've learned, there's always someone lurking around the corner ready to destroy a Dynasty.



Guest starring

  • Kara Royster as Eva (7/22)
  • Eliza Bennett as Amanda Carrington (6/22)
  • Wil Traval as Father Caleb Collins (5/22)
  • Lachlan Buchanan as Ryan (5/22)
  • Ashley Day as Colin McNaughton (5/22)
  • Luke Cook as Oliver Knoble (4/22)
  • David Aron Damane as Leo Abbott† (4/22)
  • Shannon Thornton as Mia (3/22)
  • Ramón de Ocampo as Nolan Jamison (3/22)
  • Randy J. Goodwin as Brady Lloyd (3/22)
  • Ken Kirby as Evan Tate (2/22)
  • Coby Ryan McLaughlin as Deputy Commissioner Dalkins (2/22)
  • Daniel di Tomasso as Fletcher Myers (2/22)
  • Corbin Bleu as Blaine (2/22)
  • Stephanie Kurtzuba as Katy Lofflan (2/22)
  • Kevin Kilner as Senator Bill North (2/22)
  • Geovanni Gopradi as Roberto Flores (2/22)
  • Sharon Lawrence as Laura Van Kirk (1/22)
  • Roxzane Mims as Lo Cox† (1/22)
  • Christian Ochoa as Victor Diaz (1/22)
  • Brian Littrell as himself (1/22)
  • Wakeema Hollis as Monica Colby (1/22)
  • Jesse Henderson as Nash Martinez (1/22)
  • Laura Leighton as Corinne Simon (1/22)
  • NeNe Leakes as herself (1/22)


No. in series No. in season Episode title Written by Directed by Original airdate
65 1 "That Unfortunate Dinner" Libby Wells Michael A. Allowitz May 7, 2021
66 2 "Vows Are Still Sacred" Josh Reims & Jenna Richman May 14, 2021
67 3 "The Aftermath" Christopher Fife Pascal Verschooris May 21, 2021
68 4 "Everybody Loves the Carringtons" David M. Israel Andi Behring May 28, 2021
69 5 "New Hopes, New Beginnings" Jason Ganzel Geary McLeod June 4, 2021
70 6 "A Little Father-Daughter Chat" Aubrey Villalobos Karr Star Berry June 11, 2021
71 7 "The Birthday Party" Katrina Cabrera Ortega Kenny Leon June 18, 2021
72 8 "Your Sick and Self-Serving Vendetta" Libby Wells Melanie Mayron June 25, 2021
73 9 "Equal Justice for the Rich" Bryce Schramm July 2, 2021
74 10 "I Hate to Spoil Your Memories" Elaine Loh Ayoka Chenzira July 16, 2021
75 11 "A Public Forum for Her Lies" Liz Sczudlo Jay Karas July 23, 2021
76 12 "Everything but Facing Reality" Garrett Oakley Brandi Bradburn July 30, 2021
77 13 "Go Rescue Someone Else" Josh Reims & Christopher Fife Heather Tom August 6, 2021
78 14 "But I Don't Need Therapy" Aubrey Villalobos Karr Brandi Bradburn August 13, 2021
79 15 "She Lives in a Showplace Penthouse" Katrina Cabrera Ortega Heather Tom August 20, 2021
80 16 "The British Are Coming" David M. Israel Grant Show August 27, 2021
81 17 "Stars Make You Smile" Jason Ganzel Michael Allowitz September 3, 2021
82 18 "A Good Marriage in Every Sense" Bryce Schramm Elizabeth Gillies September 10, 2021
83 19 "Everything Looks Wonderful, Joseph" Libby Wells Brandon Lott September 17, 2021
84 20 "You Vicious, Miserable Liar" Elaine Loh Robbie Countryman September 24, 2021
85 21 "Affairs of State and Affairs of the Heart" Liz Sczudlo Geoff Shotz
86 22 "Filled With Manipulations and Deceptions" Josh Reims & Garrett Oakley Pascal Verschooris October 1, 2021




On February 9, 2021, it was announced that Luke Cook had booked the role of Kirby's ex-boyfriend Oliver.[2]


Critical response



  • In a January 2020 podcast episode on the Zach Sang Show, lead cast member Elizabeth Gillies stated that she wishes to direct an episode this season.[3]
    • On April 28, 2021, it was confirmed that Gillies would indeed be making her directorial debut in the fourth season.[4]
  • On June 25, 2020, Michael Michele confirmed during her Instagram live that production of the fourth season would commence in late-August or early-September.
    • On August 24, 2020, Michele revealed during her Instagram live that the shooting had been postponed tentatively to October of 2020.
    • On July 26, 2021, Adam Huber revealed on his Instagram story that production for the season wrapped up that day.[5]
  • On September 18, 2020, Meredith Markworth-Pollack, the show's head costume designer and stylist, revealed that she won’t be returning for the fourth season.
  • On September 26, 2020, Michael Michele posted a picture on Instagram informing the fans that filming for the fourth season has begin. [6]
  • On May 7, 2021, Rafael de la Fuente revealed during an Instagram takeover that Grant Show would be directing the seventeenth episode of the season.[7]
  • On May 7, 2021, it was revealed in a TVLine interview with showrunner Josh Reims that a major character would die in episode 13, which aired on Friday, August 6.[8][9]


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