Talon is the main protagonist on the CW TV series The Outpost . She is portrayed by starring cast Jessica Green.

She is the only blackblood that is alive (known as for now). She survived the mass murder of her whole species and her family by The Prime Order, when the so called ''Wolf'' tried to shoot an arrow at her but she summoned a creature (a so called Valkyrie) from an alternate dimension and it saved her. She ran away from her slaughtered village and found a family to live with, but she felt that she didn't fit in and cut off the part of the ears which makes the blackbloods special.

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Talon is a blackblood. When she was still a young girl, she witnessed the slaughter of the whole village including her mother. While one mercenary was trying to kill her, her mother protected her with her blackblood powers by opening a portal to an alternate universe. Talon ran away and hid in a cave, where another mercenary, called The Wolf, found her. He shot his first arrow and Talon used her powers and opened the alternate universe and a strange creature, known as the Valkyrie, caught the arrow. The Wolf witnessed that and when he shot his second arrow, he missed. After that he went back to the other people that were with him and told them that the girl is dead. But Talon was still alive.

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