Tyson Parker was a character in the series In the Dark. He was best friends to protagonist Murphy Mason. He is portrayed by Thamela Mpumlwana.

Biography Edit

Early-Life Edit

Tyson lived in Fuller Park in Chicago. He was a drug dealer for his cousin Darnell. He hung out in an alleyway near the convenience store frequented by Murphy Mason.

When he was fifteen he witnessed Murphy being mugged and beaten. Tyson ran forward to defend Murphy, hitting the mugger with a metal pipe and saved her life in the process. He called 911 and had Murphy taken to the hospital. They then became very close friends.

When she got out of the hospital, Murphy met with Tyson in the alley and thanked him for saving her. She went to buy cigarettes and bought him a candy bar. Sitting together, Tyson made a pterodactyl out of paper and let her hold it.

Tyson was one of the only people Murphy let help her and would ask for his help. He would constantly videotape her when he got a new phone. He proceeded to ruin his new phone when swimming on the beach where Murphy refused to swim with him.

Murphy confessed to him that she didn't know how to write anymore when discussing what present to get her roommate, Jess, for her birthday; having forgotten how to after going blind. He proceeded to help her re-learn how to write and helped her write a card for Jess.

Season 1 Edit

Tyson is in an alleyway where he normally hangs out when Murphy comes to him. She gives him candy she bought with her emergency contraception which he opens for her. He teasingly asks if she wants some pill with her water and hands her the contraception. He then asks her if she's ever been with someone like him, which she replies she hasn't ever dated a minor. He says he's actually a big catch and encourages her to feel her face. She feels his face as they laugh together.

Later that day Murphy is going through the alley and Pretzel refuses to go forward. When she investigates she finds Tyson on the ground in a sleeping bag and believes him to be dead. She screams for help before leaving to call the cops. The cops can't find Tyson that night.

It is later revealed that he was still alive in the sleeping bag, having been strangled by Dean Riley who was angry because Tyson was going to reveal his connection to him to another drug dealer so they wouldn't kill Tyson. Dean didn't intend to kill Tyson but strangled him in rage when Tyson insisted on telling the other drug dealer who wanted him dead. When Murphy approaches Dean put Tyson in a sleeping bag and hid from her, causing Pretzel's hesitation as he could see him. When no one came at her calls she went to get police, leaving Tyson. Dean proceeds to put Tyson into the back of his car where Tyson wakes up and begins to shout. In a panic, Dean shoots him in the head, killing him.

Dean takes his phone and begins sending fake texts from it before getting rid of it.

Later in the season, Tyson is found dead, strangled and with a bullet in the head after his body was moved by Dean Riley.

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